Letter to Michael Moore

Breastfeeding my Child
Facebook thinks this picture is obscene
Hello Michael Moore

Last night, I joined the ranks of women whose facebook accounts have been
disabled for breastfeeding pictures.

I am a supporter of Occupy here in the Eugene area of Oregon. I have been
engaging in discussion with a local un-occupy community group on facebook.
There was a local action where the Vagilutionaries went topless and masked
to a local city councilor's house with truth written in red tape or paint
on their bodies. Some people were concerned that this was political
terrorism since it followed an action, Tent Monsters, at the same city
councilor's home. Others spoke of how inappropriate being topless was,
even though it is not illegal for men or women in Eugene. There was also a
small group that responded by negative comments of how the women's breasts
and bodies were shaped.

In response and in solidarity with the women and free speech, I posted a
picture of me breastfeeding and called my breasts terrorists with my
friends and Occupy community online.

When I returned to the Un-occupy Eugene Community, to discuss other
matters I was personally attacked for my picture. One man said it was
creepy that I was breastfeeding a 7yr old. I blocked him.

I finally found some common ground with the NDAA being signed by President
Obama on the Un-Occupy page. Some women on the page came to my defense and
told the man to back off and that it was my child's and my choice to
breastfeed for however long we chose to. I responded in jest to his and
others comments by stating that under NDAA my breasts could be considered
terrorists since they hold more than 7 days of food and can take out
multiple eyes while shooting in various directions. I thought after that
the topic would die and life would go on.

Yesterday morning I go to log-in and I received a warning from facebook
stating that I had violated the terms of use. I was upset that facebook
considers a picture of breastfeeding a child inappropriate, especially
since my picture only showed part of my breast and part of my child's

I started searching out breastfeeding groups on facebook and requested
that women stand in solidarity with me and post their own breastfeeding
photos. I posted a public album that included 5 of my personal
breastfeeding photos. I also included some classical and modern artwork,
as well as some public domain photography. I posted some links on extended
breastfeeding and made these things public on my profile. I emailed
facebook and asked them not to consider breastfeeding photos in violation
of the TOU. I also made my profile picture the same one that had been

I was directed by a comment on one of my protest posts to a group of women
who have also experienced this treatment on facebook. I was amazed that
this was such a common thing.

Before the night was over I changed my picture to a much more tame photo
where not as nearly as much breast was showing. I logged off, put my 4 yr
old to bed, and watched a sci-fi movie called Mars. I received a text
notification from a post I made about NDAA in the Un-Occupy Eugene
community on facebook. I went to log-in and was notified that my account
was disabled.

Although I am not surprised by the action taken by facebook or the person
bullying me for political reasons, I am disappointed that facebook allows
this type of action against women who are breastfeeding.

People may not agree with my political ideas, approach, extended
breastfeeding, or other personal choices. This does not give them or
facebook the right to censor breastfeeding which is a natural and
nurturing act, in order to silence me in an online social networking site.

Breastfeeding past 6 months in the USA is not socially acceptable.
Corporations have taken over what is normal and healthy and turned feeding
our children into this money-making game. People have become so used to
following what they are told through commercials that they think that
breastfeeding is somehow pornographic, creepy, and inappropriate.

In addition, there remains on facebook revealing, promiscuous, violent
pictures, and material. While I am not sure where I stand on censorship,
breastfeeding pictures and artwork seem harmless compared to other
socially acceptable but violent acts.

I know that other women who have not been politically active in facebook
have been silenced, have removed their breastfeeding photos all together.
It is wrong and today I ask you to help women and children Occupy

Attached is the first removed picture and the second is the one I last
logged off with.

In Solidarity
Breastfeeding my child

This was my last profile picture on facebook before being disabled.

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2 thoughts on “Letter to Michael Moore

  1. occupyeugenelibrary says:

    The Vagilutionaries thank you for your support and solidarity and for standing up for breastfeeding, the most poignant symbol of LIFE if there ever was one!

    • her_story says:

      Thank you, I appreciate you taking time out to visit this blog.

      In addition, thank you Vagilutionaries for continuing to highlight the obsurdity of people who feel breasts are threatening, while some of those same people have no problem attacking a community and forcing people to freeze on the streets.

      People focusing on the actions of the vagilutionaries as terrorism or as threatening need to take a step back and look at the real threats, corporate personhood, the greedy and manipulative politician, censorship of our expressions, or the USA supplying weapons to countries suppressing freedom of speech while at the same time espousing support of freedom of speech.

      ***** Vagilutionaries Occupy The Federal Court House Jan 20 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nzy5nUETNg8 *****

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