Breastfeeding Cafe Blog Carnival 2012: Babywearing

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I didn’t learn about babywearing until after my oldest child was too big to be worn. I did occasionally use a front pack when she was an infant but mostly I tried to carry her around in those heavy uncomfortable baby car seats. Other times she was in her stroller. We walked many places because I was young and didn’t have a car when I first had her. I found that strollers were difficult on public transportation so I bought a used backpack that had a metal frame and a kick stand. It wasn’t very comfortable but it did the job. I’m a small woman and my children have always been long. People gave me the oddest looks on the bus or street when they saw my child’s feet dangling by my knees.

I discovered slings when my oldest was already too big to be carried around in one. I witnessed a woman and her partner using a sling she had made with their newborn. It just looked like the natural thing to do. She explained how the baby was calmer because she could feel the warmth of their bodies, smell them, feel their heart beats. I wished I had known about them and used them with my oldest. I promised myself that if I ever had another child, I would use a sling. I personally thought they were cool and less hassle than many of the front packs and other carriers. Plus, I could breastfeed in one, now that would be super awesome – hands free breastfeeding!

When I got pregnant years later, I knew I wanted to babywear and breastfeed. A sling seemed like a good match. I started searching on a local craigslist and found a ring sling that had a key ring and a zipper pocket. I just love things I can use for more than one task. I used it everywhere. I didn’t even buy a stroller for my youngest. I breastfed in stores, in parks, at appointments, restaurants…Everywhere. I felt more covered up, I was pretty self-conscious about my post baby body and didn’t want people staring at my exposed flesh. I didn’t really care if they knew I was breastfeeding  or saw a lil piece of my breast though, lol.  My sling did a great job of camouflaging for me.

Using Our Sling at the Grand Canyon

As she got older I decided to buy an ergo baby carrier to help me with distributing her weight better. It’s gone many places with us including hikes, road trips, rallies, and marches. It’s so comfortable for long distance walks. We still use it and she is 4.5. Of course, she does more walking than being carried but it’s a great back up and I think it’s pretty. 🙂

Using Our Ergo at a Children’s March

My grandmother used a stroller with my mother. I have a picture of her and my grandpa pushing my mother down a beach sidewalk. My mother also used a stroller. I’m hoping that because I choose to do things a bit different from past generations in my family, my children will be more secure and feel more loved. Babywearing is one tool I choose to break negative cycles in my family.

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