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Jodine Chase’s 24 hours of Breastfeeding Pictures Banned from Facebook!/jodinechase


Check out her posts!


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Female+1 gets Facebook account disabled after posting artwork of breastfeeding…On International Women’s Day!!!

Read more about her experience here:

My Thoughts:

It totally pisses me off! Facebook continues to remove people’s profiles for breastfeeding photos. There is no case by case basis where a fbook employee reviews reported photos for actual obscenity before deleting said photos or artwork. In 2012 we ALL should support a woman’s right to breastfeed or not to breastfeed, to practice extended breastfeeding and/or to wean when she and her child are ready. OUR photos and artwork, and those photos and artwork of world history, should not be demonized for showing part of an areola, nipple, child suckling, or whatever is in that visual representation of breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding is Normal.

Facebook is Not.

There is something deeply wrong with shaming a woman for breastfeeding and being proud of it.

Read Female+1’s follow-up and view the “notorious” photo here:

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social breastfeeding

On Monday 6th February 2012 at 10.00am Facebook offices worldwide will be the focus of  breastfeeding women and their supporters. Earlier this month Facebook removed photos of Vancover mum Emma Kwasnica breastfeeding her children classing the photos as “sexually explicit”. Not surprisingly this has angered mums worldwide and again questioned the public perception of breastfeeding and especially social breastfeeding.

italian elle on babble

Emma Kwasnica is not the first mother to have had breastfeeding photos removed from Facebook, according to the website, 391 people are recorded as having had breastfeeding photos removed by Facebook.

The International Facebook Nurse-In is one of a growing number of protests that have been occurring in recent months as new mums ask not to be harassed and disapproved of as they feed their children. The most high profile recent event was the nurse-in that occurred in Target stores across America after a mum was asked to move…

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CANCELLED: 2/6 Nurse-In @ Fbook in Prineville, OR

Update: The breastfeeding sit-in at the Facebook headquarters in Prineville, OR was cancelled by the local organizer due to the difficulty of getting to the location. Of course, if you want to make your way out there and organize a group of your breastfeeding buddies, you have that right 🙂

Breastfeeding photo shared with me via e-mail from a social network posting.

If there are any other Breastfeeding Actions in Oregon, feel free to post them in a comment here.

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Mark Your Calendars: Fbook Nurse-In Feb 6, 2012

Find the facebook headquarters closest to you and join the nurse-in! If you’re not breastfeeding, bring a sign and show your support 🙂

List can be found on fbook at:

Palo Alto, CA

1601 S California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304

Menlo Park, CA

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Atlanta, GA

Austin, TX

Brussels, Belgium

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX

Detroit, MI

Dublin, Ireland

Hamburg, Germany

Hong Kong

Hyderabad, India

Milan, Italy

London, United Kingdom

8 Carnaby Street, W1 London, United Kingdom

Los Angeles, CA

Madrid, Spain

New York, NY

340 Madison Ave NY, NY

Paris, France

Prineville, OR

     PRN1 735 SW Connect Way, Prineville, Oregon, USA

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Seattle, WA

Seoul, South Korea


Stockholm, Sweden

Sydney, Australia

King Street, Sydney

Tokyo, Japan

Toronto, Canada

Washington, DC

Breastfeeding my daughter at 3.5 yrs old

Breastfeeding my daughter at 3.5 yrs old, Taken by Banned for Breastfeeding 2011

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Bloggers Also Talking About FBoob and Breastfeeding

Good Golly Miss Holly! “Suck My Left One”

Mama Pear Designs “It’s “Facebook”, not “Faceboob” Ladies! Got it?”


Fboob found this picture to violate the TOU

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Boycott Facebook

Here is one more reason to boycott facebook, if selling your personal information to other corporations and the government wasn’t enough…

For a few years, facebook has been giving warnings and disabling accounts that have breastfeeding photos and artwork.

I am one of those people who have been permanently removed from facebook and who chooses not to return under another email, also against their “rules.”

Stand with me, post your breastfeeding photos or public domain artwork and photography on your facebook profile.

If they warn you and/or disable your account, boycott them.

This is a painting from around the 17th century of Mary breastfeeding baby Jesus.

17th Century Painting of Breastfeeding Virgin Mother

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