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Female+1 gets Facebook account disabled after posting artwork of breastfeeding…On International Women’s Day!!!

Read more about her experience here: http://femaleplusone.blogspot.com/2012/03/international-womens-day-facebooks.html#comment-form

My Thoughts:

It totally pisses me off! Facebook continues to remove people’s profiles for breastfeeding photos. There is no case by case basis where a fbook employee reviews reported photos for actual obscenity before deleting said photos or artwork. In 2012 we ALL should support a woman’s right to breastfeed or not to breastfeed, to practice extended breastfeeding and/or to wean when she and her child are ready. OUR photos and artwork, and those photos and artwork of world history, should not be demonized for showing part of an areola, nipple, child suckling, or whatever is in that visual representation of breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding is Normal.

Facebook is Not.

There is something deeply wrong with shaming a woman for breastfeeding and being proud of it.

Read Female+1’s follow-up and view the “notorious” photo here: http://femaleplusone.blogspot.com/2012/03/gagged-bound-shunned-shamed-punished.html

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CANCELLED: 2/6 Nurse-In @ Fbook in Prineville, OR

Update: The breastfeeding sit-in at the Facebook headquarters in Prineville, OR was cancelled by the local organizer due to the difficulty of getting to the location. Of course, if you want to make your way out there and organize a group of your breastfeeding buddies, you have that right 🙂

Breastfeeding photo shared with me via e-mail from a social network posting.

If there are any other Breastfeeding Actions in Oregon, feel free to post them in a comment here.

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Boycott Facebook

Here is one more reason to boycott facebook, if selling your personal information to other corporations and the government wasn’t enough…

For a few years, facebook has been giving warnings and disabling accounts that have breastfeeding photos and artwork.

I am one of those people who have been permanently removed from facebook and who chooses not to return under another email, also against their “rules.”

Stand with me, post your breastfeeding photos or public domain artwork and photography on your facebook profile.

If they warn you and/or disable your account, boycott them.

This is a painting from around the 17th century of Mary breastfeeding baby Jesus.

17th Century Painting of Breastfeeding Virgin Mother

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Correspondence with Facebook Team


Boycott Facebook for Banning Breastfeeding Pics

Subject: Re: My Personal Profile was Disabled
From: The Facebook Team (info+83vlvna.aea57hich7asw@support.facebook.com)
To: (removed for privacy)
Date: Thursday, January 5, 2012 5:28 AM

Unfortunately, your account has been permanently disabled for violating Facebook’s Terms. We will not reactivate it for any reason.
This will be our last email regarding your account. For more information about our policies, please read the Facebook Community Standards: https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards/
Zara User Operations Facebook
—–Original Message to Facebook—–

From: (removed for privacy)

To: The Facebook Team

Subject: Re: My Personal Profile was Disabled

That is impossibly rediculous. I feel that your policy is prejudice against mothers who breastfeed. Otherwise, please share with me what content was innapropriate. I will be taking this as far as it can go. I know there are many women who have had their accounts disabled for breastfeeding photos. I have written Michael Moore and I will go to every outlet I can with this.

From: The Facebook Team info+83vlvna.aea57hich4wmo@support.facebook.com

To: (removed for privacy)

Sent: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 7:45 PM

Subject: Re: My Personal Profile was Disabled

Your account has been disabled for violating Facebook’s Terms. Facebook disables users who:
• Upload sexually suggestive content • Do not use their real identities on Facebook • Send messages or friend requests to strangers
Unfortunately, we will not reactivate your account for any reason.
For more information about our policies, please read the Facebook Community Standards: https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards/
Zara User Operations Facebook
—–Original Message to Facebook—–

From: (removed for privacy)

To: The Facebook Team

Subject: Re: My Personal Profile was Disabled

Please help me, I’m not sure why I cannot log in. Earlier today somebody reported my breastfeeding photo as inappropriate. I am being bullied by somebody or a group of people I believe are from the Un-Occupy Eugene Community on facebook. Please let me back into my account. Thank you.


From: The Facebook Team info+83vlvna.aea57hich4@support.facebook.com

To: (removed for privacy)

Sent: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 12:11 AM

Subject: Re: My Personal Profile was Disabled

In order to receive support, you must reply to this email to verify that you are the owner of the Facebook account that you referenced in your inquiry. This security step must be completed before Facebook can respond to your inquiry.
In addition, note that Facebook will only be able to provide assistance if you are writing in from the email address that you used to log in to your Facebook profile that’s disabled. If your disabled profile was registered under a different email address, then you will need to respond directly from that email address. To do this, take the following steps:
• Copy the exact email address you see in the “From” field of this email (ending in @support.facebook.com). • Log in to the email account under which your disabled Facebook profile was registered. • Compose a new email. Paste the address you copied (ending in @support.facebook.com) into the “To” field, let us know you’re responding from your disabled email address in the body, and click “Send.”
Once we have this information, we will take further steps to assist you. Remember that writing in multiple times will not result in a faster response. Once you submit your initial request, it is placed in a queue and responded to accordingly.
Lastly, you may not create another account using a different email address while you are waiting for a response. Creating more than one Facebook account is a violation of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, and violations of this rule could result in all of your accounts being permanently disabled.
Thanks, The Facebook Team

—–End Original Message to Facebook—–

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